Credit Consent


Credit Consent


This agreement acknowledges your permission for CLC or our designated service providers to obtain your consumer report and other information from credit bureaus and other third party information services. As described below, this information may be used to pre-qualify you, process your loan application, verify information that you provided, and provide other necessary information about you to potential investors in your loan. You should read the Privacy Policy in its entirety. All information is collected, use and disclosed in accordance with CLC Privacy Policy.

Applicant Credit Check Consent:

By clicking the “Continue” button preceding this notice, you understand and agree that you are authorizing CLC to obtain credit, income, and employment information about you by any means and at various times as permitted by applicable law in order to provide you with the services you have requested. This includes obtaining consumer reports and other information from consumer reporting agencies and other sources.

You also authorize CLC to verify information provided in your application and you agree that CLC may contact third parties to verify any such information. CLC uses your consumer reports to authenticate your identity, prequalify you, make credit decisions, to administer the resale of your loan or any security associated with your loan, and for related purposes for which we have obtained your consent.

You authorize CLC to obtain this information at the time you request rate information, request a loan and at any time while your loan is still unpaid, including but not limited to actions related to the servicing, monitoring, and collection of your loan.


You give CLC the permission to report your monthly rent payment to credit agencies. Clicking continue give us the full permission to collect funds for the Rentage service and to also report your rent to the credit bureau every month.

Please ensure that you pay your rent on time to avoid negative report on your credit bureau.