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Secured Credit Card

Our secured credit card will help you rebuild damaged credit or establish new credit. We report your credit card activity to the credit bureau every month. Use your card for all your daily transactions to help establish or improve your credit.


Quick Loans

Our quick loans can help you rebuild your credit. And our cash advance options can help you with unexpected expenses or overdue bill payments.

We’re here to help you get back on track.



Our credit Analysts will find the best mortgage loan and rate based on your credit situation. We have over 20 years of experience helping Canadians with bad credit get mortgage approvals, and we can help you too.  Ask Us How.

CLC Credit Building Bundle

Combine our Cash Secured Loan with CLC Secured Credit Card for a faster result

Cash Secured Loan

Unlike a traditional loan, you will not get any money upfront. Instead, this option works like a pre-authorized savings plan.

How does this build your credit?

We report your monthly payment to the credit bureau, which adds to your points. As a result, your points increase your credit score, thereby building it up to an acceptable level.


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CLC Secured Credit Card

Have you filed for Bankruptcy or Consumer proposal? Is your Credit Score Below the acceptable level?

Our secured credit card is designed to help you get back on track. This card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. An easy and secure way to pay every day. Our Credit Experts will be here to support your journey.

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The Reason Why We are Best. 20+ Years of Experience Counts.

We have over 21 years of experience helping customers rebuild damaged credit, build new credit, get out of debt, and save more.  We were bankers with branch management experience, and we’re equipped to advise you on all areas of money management. We understand how credit scores work, and we can help you improve your credit scores faster.

We understand that financial strain could impact mental health. Therefore, we provide free credit counseling and mental health evaluations through our partners. Ask Us How.

The Services Included in Your Membership

Become an Elite Member for $19.99/monthly.

Credit Services

Applying for credit facilities could be over overwhelming. We will prepare you for IT.

Credit Score Boost

We provide unlimited educational materials that will help you maintain an acceptable credit score. Plus Credit Monitoring.

Identity Theft

This is a crime that happens frequently. We work with partners to protect or restore your identity.

Credit and Debt Analysis

You will get a customized credit and debt analysis to help you manage your spending and lending decisions.

Our Business Partners

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