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A Business Credit Builder Account is an affordable way to build a credit profile for your business. Our accounts report up to a $10,000 installment loan to major business credit bureaus using your company’s name.

How it Works.

Apply for an account in just minutes. There is no credit check required and the process is straightforward.

Pick a suitable plan for your business. We open an installment loan for your company and report payments to the credit bureau.

Loan proceeds are locked in a business savings account to secure the loan. Make on-time monthly payments to build your profile.

Every monthly payment builds payment history and savings. Unlock savings at maturity.

What is a Business Account

Our business credit builder account is a combination of an installment loan and savings account. The loan proceeds are locked in a savings account. Your regular payment builds credit and savings.

When you open a credit-builder business account, we open an installment account and savings account in your business name. The advanced loan will be deposited in the savings account to secure the loan. Every monthly payment builds savings and credit history. No-interest plans: 100% of every monthly payment builds savings. With-interest plans: monthly payments are split between interest expense and savings.

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How will this help my business

CLC will report your business installment loan/account to the credit bureau which will help your business establish and build credit profile, payment history, and commercial credit scores.

Your company will have its own credit profile and multiple tradeline which will help your commercial credit score.A good mix of installment and revolving accounts is important for personal credit. For business credit, it’s helps to have a good mix of vendor and lending facilities. Lending facilities are loans, business credit card and lines of credit. CLC helps build commercial credit for your company.

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Select the right plan for your business.

Choose a plan that fit your business and budget, whatever stage it’s in.

You can build $2,500 to $10,000 of commercial credit for your business with a No-Interest or With-Interest plan. No-Interest plans have a one-time fee, lower monthly payments, and 100% of every monthly payment builds savings. With-interest plans have a lower one-time fee, but higher monthly payments and the payments are split between interest expenses and building savings.

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Choose Your Account Size

Step 1:

Choose your account type.

Step 2:

Select the plan that’s best for you.

  • Monthly Payment
  • One Time Fee
  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Term
  • Total Cost
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • $100
  • $349
  • 0.00%
  • 25 Months
  • $349
    • Lower total cost
    • Lower monthly payment
    • 0% interest rate
    • 100% of every monthly payment builds savings
    • Higher one-time fee
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  • $115
  • $149
  • 13.26%
  • 25 Months
  • $524
    • Lower one-time fee
    • Higher total cost
    • Higher monthly payment
    • Pay interest
    • Monthly payment is split between interest and savings
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