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We can offer them an exclusive service tailored to their needs for those clients who want a premium service.

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Our support staff is available around the clock to ensure that all your queries are resolved promptly.

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We offer extensive credit reports and summaries that the clients can track in real-time.

Credit Repair

Our structure: membership base

Free Consultation

Our Credit Analysts are here to help you sustain a more balanced credit life. After reviewing your credit report, our analyst will you provide you with the best options available to you. Start by filling out the form below, and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Which service works best for me?

Our credit repair services are customized to meet your specific needs without putting any unnecessary financial burden on you. In addition to that, we offer Elite and Elite Plus services; along with the option to switch from one service to another at any time.

Elite Membership – $80/Month

This package includes full credit restorations such as disputes, collections, credit errors such as misleading information, debt validation and credit rebuilding.

Set-up fee-$90, and your monthly membership will be $79.99


The Elite Plan allows you to dispute each item on your credit report you believe to be inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, and unverifiable in any way.

PERSONAL Credit Specialist

A Credit Specialist will guide you through the dispute process, your options and the steps you can take to improve your credit.

CLC Secured Credit Card

You will qualify to apply for our secured credit regardless of your credit situation. This is an optional service to help you improve your credit score.

Elite Plus Membership-$105/monthly

The Elite Plus includes all the features of our regular Elite plan and a more customized approach designed to yield a faster result. This option is recommended for customers with multiple collections items and more complicated credit challenges.

Set-up fee – $90, and your monthly fees will be $105

Dispute/Validation LETTERS (Unlimited)

CLC is committed to sending dispute letters to creditors to challenge the items you disagree with until we get the correct resolution.

GOODWILL LETTERS to Creditors (Unlimited)

CLC will keep in touch with your creditors, advising. We will update them on your good standing and ensure that your information is updated.


If needed, we will issue recommendation letters to lenders on your behalf.


CLC monitor your TransUnion/Equifax credit report.  You will get alerts on any changes that could impact your credit.

Free Credit Counselling

You will get one-on-one free credit counselling to help you get out of debt, reduce your financial stress, or better manage your money. We care about your financial and mental wellbeing. Our Counsellors will help you create a plan to solve any economic challenges that you have. How it works:  Your counsellor will access your financial situation with you and give you suggestions on possible solutions. One free mental health therapy is also included in your package.

Credit Building Solution

Your Credit specialist will work with you on the best solution to rebuild your credit history and improve your credit score. Once we remove all your collections items and unfavourable information from your credit, we will give you options on how to improve your credit score through new trades on your credit report.

CLC Secured Credit Card

You will qualify to apply for our secured credit regardless of your credit situation. This is an optional service to help you improve your credit score.

Quick Loan tab

Personalized debt relief because we believe in you.

CLC is here to help you improve any mental health stress caused by credit or financial strain. We’re assisting Canadians to pay off outstanding debt and collection items to improve their credit and get them back on track.

Ours have stress free solutions that will give you peace of mind. We’re here to remove all barriers to your credit wellbeing. Our committed loan experts will work with you on your journey to Credit recovery and a better financial future. Our customized solutions will get you back on track.

How does this work:

Please apply online, and our loan experts will get back to you within 48 hours. We believe everyone has a unique story, and we want to hear your account to give you a customized solution.

Don’t worry about your current credit score or situation. We will qualify you through employment verification, bill payment, rent payment and other factors. But, most importantly, your story matters. You matter, and you’re good enough.

Our loan options:

CLC Secured Quick Loan

This is an optional service to help you improve your credit score. How it works: You will secure your credit limit with your funds, and CLC will give you a loan for the same amount. Your funds will be held in a trust account with our partnering financial institution. Your monthly payment will be reported to Equifax and TransUnion, just like a regular loan. You have the flexibility to determine your loan limit. The interest rate is 9.99{394614724c57273a4c595be81299e7b9f866b52ebec43b48050cccd37d9cdd0a} with a six months minimum term.

CLC Unsecured Quick Loan

This is an optional service to help improve your credit score. How it works: We will give you a quick loan ranging from $500-$5000 with an interest rate of 17.99-29.99{394614724c57273a4c595be81299e7b9f866b52ebec43b48050cccd37d9cdd0a} and a monthly fee of $5. There is no security needed for this loan. This loan can be used for bill payments which will be paid by CLC directly to the recipient.

CLC Collections, Consumer proposals & Bankruptcy payment loan

We offer loans to pay off all your collections items, your consumer proposals, and bankruptcy to expedite your credit rebuilding process. Our loan limit ranges from $100-$25,000 with an interest rate of 19.99-39.99{394614724c57273a4c595be81299e7b9f866b52ebec43b48050cccd37d9cdd0a} and a $5 monthly fee. The minimum term is six months to a maximum of 24 months, depending on the loan limit.

CLC will report all your monthly payments to both credit bureaus.

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Debt Reduction and Payment Strategies

Explore debt reduction and payment options.

Debt & Budgeting Solutions

Simple steps to making yourself debt-free and creating a personalized budget.

Credit Card Debt Relief

Find out what your credit card relief options are to get back on track with your finances.

The Services Included in Your Membership

With Access To Our Exclusive Credit Lab

We want to help Canadians repair, improve and build new credit so that they can have
equal access to low-interest rates and equitable financing/lending options.

Credit Services

We believe everyone deserves equal access to funds and good financial health.

 Credit Score Boost

We help our customers add additional data and points to their credit histories.

 Identity Theft Restoration

We can assist our clients if an individual’s identity is compromised.

 Credit Analysis

We can assess a loan applicant’s profile and recommend steps to increase their chances of approval.

 Loss & Mitigation Services

We offer modification services to borrowers who have defaulted on their loan or mortgage payments.

 Debt Services

Our comprehensive debt services help clients re-establish themselves and manage their finances more effectively.

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Score Fast!

City Lending Centers (CLC) will help clients build new credit, improve existing credit scores and fix damaged credit. A credit score can change a client’s financial path and help them achieve their dreams. CLC aims to help clients turn credit application “NO” into “YES” with our credit building solutions.

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