Credit Monitoring

TransUnion’s CreditView Dashboard® is a configurable credit education dashboard that helps businesses deliver on the expectations of today’s consumers, educating them on financial health, engaging them more deeply, and empowering them to shape their financial futures.


Help consumers understand their current credit profile and how specific actions influence it


Draw consumers in with timely information to help them stay on top of their financial picture and keep them coming back to your brand with insightful updates


Equip consumers with the always-on, instantly available tools they need to manage and protect their personal information


Guide consumers back to credit health and help them recover from financial hardships should the unexpected occur

Arm consumers with the power to access, understand and monitor their information

  1. Personalize with your brand
  2. Credit education at consumers’ fingertips
  3. Credit alerts keep consumers engaged
  4. Current credit score snapshot (VantageScore 3.0)
  5. National score comparison shows consumers where they stand
  6. Relevant score details provide additional insight
  7. Monthly score trending helps consumers track progress
  8. Credit overview summarized key report details
  9. Score simulator helps consumers understand various credit scenarios

TransUnion offers two delivery options to suit your needs, including:

TransUnion-hosted solution

Leverage TransUnion’s hosted solution to easily implement a dashboard that meets your consumers’ credit and identity needs

API solution

Integrate TransUnion data directly into your application and control the user experience

See how CreditView Dashboard enables your business to empower consumers and achieve strategic goals

Attract and engage consumers with on-demand access to their credit

Deepen your relationship with consumers so they grow their business with you

Turn valuable consumer insights into relevant offers